"Love don't cost a thing"

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In the wise words of Jennifer Lopez “Love don’t cost a thing”, and nor does fostering!
The branch relies on a network of foster homes to look after many of the animals in our care but indoor foster homes for rabbits and guinea pigs are in very short supply. This means we are sometimes not in a position to help an animal in need of rehoming, as we do not have a suitable foster home for them.
Fostering animals is always a pleasurable experience. It’s rewarding to know that you played a key part in the rehoming process when a foster animal is successfully adopted. It also gives people who would normally be unable to take in an animal long term, due to other commitments or financial restrictions, with an alternative.
The care and attention you can offer a foster pet will be so important to them. You will get the satisfaction of spending quality time with a pet, without the long-term commitments. Our foster homes need only provide the love and shelter for an animal in need on a temporary basis, whilst the branch looks for loving, permanent homes. Fostering can last for a few weeks or longer depending on how long it takes a suitable adopter to come forward. During this time, the branch will cover all of the cost involved including food, accommodation and vet treatment when required.

Temporarily welcoming one or two rabbits or guinea pigs into your home is a special way to show your love for these wonderful and fun animals.

What do we need from a foster home?

What are the requirements to become a Fosterer?

What does a Fosterer get?

Most importantly, you will know you are helping some of our most vulnerable animals until they are ready for a new home.
If rabbits and Guinea Pigs are not your thing but you would be interested in fostering, we have many other animals looking for loving foster homes including cats who despite the care and attention they received at the cattery are missing home comforts. Looking for something a little smaller? We often have ferrets, rats, hamsters, mice and gerbils looking for caring foster homes.

If you think you could offer a temporary home to a homeless animal please email us at: info@rspcamiddlesex.org.uk for an application form or give us a call on 0208 966 9688 and we can send one out to you.

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