Financial Support

Financial Support

We can offer limited support if you live within our Branch area so before you start, have a look at the map. If you are in our area we may be able to help. If not don't worry we can point you towards help if necessary. Click here to see our Branch area.

The branch does not have a clinic as such we are unable to provide veterinary services, we may however be able to provide financial assistance in some circumstances.

Neutering has many health benefits for your pet as well as preventing unwanted litters. The branch may be able to contribute towards the cost of neutering you pet at a local vets, please contact your preferred local vet and ask for a quote before calling us on 0208 966 9688. If we can help we will issue you with a voucher to cover the agreed amount – it is unlikely that we will be able to cover the full cost.

Sick or Injured
If you pet has become unwell or been injured we may be able to make a contribution towards the cost. Please contact us on 0208 966 9688 to discuss available options.

Routine costs
The branch is not able to assist towards the routine costs of pet ownership such as flea and worm treatment or vaccination.

The branch is only able to give one-off assistance therefore we strongly recommend you look into pet insurance for future costs.
The branch is only in a position to help those living within our branch area, who are receiving means tested Benefits or who have a low household income. 

Alternative options
You may be eligible for assistance from the Cat Protection, PDSA, Blue Cross, The Dogs Trust, The Mayhew or other similar charity’s