Hello, my name is Twig


A little bit about me..

Twig has been neutered and will now be looking for his forever home with a female companion. He is looking for an indoor home with experienced owners.

Twig is still shy and will need someone to continue to build his confidence and get him used to being handled.

Key features

  • 8-11 Months
  • Medium Brown
  • Male
  • Indoors.

Requirements to adopt me

Guinea Pig Annual Costs

Can you afford a Guinea Pig?

  • Can you afford £5 per week for a pair of guinea pigs including pellets, hay, fresh fruit and vegetables?
  • When required, can you afford the unexpected vet treatment a guinea pig may need throughout their life?
  • Can you afford to board your guinea pigs when you go on holiday or do you have a responsible friend or family member who can do this?

Guinea Pig adoption charges

Guinea Pig £30

These charges will include:

  • A health check
  • Neutering (for male guinea pigs only)

If you would like to go ahead and adopt a guinea pig then view those currently available and simply click the contact us button.

Phone: (020) 8966 9688 or Email: info@rspcamiddlesex.org.uk

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