Can you help abandoned, neglected cats like Matt?

Just a few weeks ago the RSPCA got a sadly familiar phone call. Someone had found a neglected cat dumped in a cardboard box.

They rushed to the scene, but weren’t prepared for what they found; a ball of fur, so matted, that it barely resembled a cat at all. He was clearly severely dehydrated and in urgent need of veterinary attention.

The Vets were shocked at the state of him. When they started the examination they found that his coat was so matted that he was unable to pass any faeces. His ears were infected, he had loose and painful teeth and could barely eat or drink. “Despite his ordeal he still tried to be affectionate, although he was obviously distressed”, said one of the Vets.

MattThanks to the Middlesex North West Branch of the RSPCA, he was immediately given fluids and pain relief .The vets named him “Matt” (as he was essentially one big one), and set about giving him the care he needed. Matt was anaesthetised while the nursing team removed his soiled fur. His infected ears were washed out and cleaned while the Vet removed his rotten and painful teeth. They also discovered that he had a broken jaw. You can see from the photograph that he was in a terrible state.

Over the coming days Matt has needed syringe feeding and ongoing pain relief. He can now eat unaided, and has since really come out of his shell. He is lively, and friendly and obviously feels a lot better! Hopefully it won’t be long until he is completely fit and healthy again.matt2

Your local branch of the RSPCA urgently need your support to help care for abused and neglected animals. If you would like to help cats and other animals like Matt, you can make a donation to us today. Call Aileen on 020 8429 5604, visit our website or send a donation to RSPCA Middlesex North West Branch, 114 Field End Road, Eastcote, Middlesex , HA5 1RL. Thank you.