Tristan and Siegfried

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Age: 6 months
Breed: Ferrets
Colour: Albino
Sex: male
Temperment: Friendly and playful
What you need to know about Small Animal Adoption

Tristan and his brother Siegfried were found abandoned in a cardboard box and we took them in when no owner could be traced. They are friendly, playful young lads who will need a new home together as a pair with an experienced owner who can give them lots of cuddles, playtime and things to do.

Ferrets are fantastic little animals but they are a big commitment !
They can live for over 10 years, can cost a lot of money at the vets and need plenty of entertainment in the few hours that they are awake each day.

Our ferrets are microchipped and vaccinated against canine distemper and the adoption fee of £40 also includes neutering at the appropriate time.
Pre-adoption home visits will be done by an animal welfare officer from the branch and our full rehoming criteria can be requested by calling 0208 966 9688 or 07872 902710