station master

Station Master(4) Overlay
Age: 4 years
Breed: Semi long haired
Colour: White & black
Sex: Male
Temperment: sweet and friendly a little shy
What you need to know about Cat Adoption

Station master is a sweet boy found in a bit of a mess hanging around a local tube station. We were able to locate his owners and discovered he had been missing for several weeks but sadly his owners didn’t want him back so he is now looking for a forever home with a loving family.

Understandably Station Master is a bit unsure of everything at the moment so can come across a bit shy, but we are confident in the right home he will soon come out of his shell and become a much loved family pet once more.

Station master is looking a bit shabby at the moment, as he had to be dematted after his toils and tribulations on the street but with a bit of TLC and regular grooming he will soon smarten up.

He is looking for a home with adult owners or those with teenage kids, ideally as the only pet and he must have a garden to enjoy once he is settled.