Rosie & Parsley

rosie and parsley (3) Overlay
Age: 4 and 3 years
Breed: large domestic rabbit; lop
Colour: tan; white & grey
Sex: male & female
Temperment: friendly
What you need to know about Rabbit Adoption

Rosie, large tan female about 4 years old and Parsley, white & grey male lop about 2 1/2 years old, came into our care independently, they have recently been bonded in the hopes we will be able to find them a loving home together.  Rosie originally came to us after her owner was evicted from his property. Parsley arrives last summer when a large number of rabbits were rescued from a breeder who had been shut down by the council.

This pair have become great chums and have formed a close bond. They love being outdoors and having lots of space to skip about and interesting things to explore and investigate. They would be ideally suited to lives as outdoor rabbits and would relish the chance to have a bunny proof garden they could explore under supervision on a regular basis. Please be aware Rosie is a larger rabbit so their accommodation is going to have to reflect this.

They are both friendly rabbits who come bounding over to take treats from you, they are bold and outgoing and extremely inquisitive.