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Age: 9 months
Breed: Dutch
Colour: white & tan
Sex: Male
Temperment: bold and confident
What you need to know about Rabbit Adoption

Rocket is one of several rabbits abandoned outside the RSPCA’s cattery in Southall.

This handsome young man is very lively and inquisitive and looking for an outdoor home to share with a lonely girl. He is a bold fellow with lots of  personality and character. Rocket can be picked up and handled, though he isn’t keen, and he can be a bit of a clothes tugger. He never lunges or bites but will nibble a finger gently if you hold him for a long time.

Rocket is best suited to life as an outdoor rabbit where he will have lot of space to run about and stretch his legs and lots of interesting things to explore and investigate. He is best suited to experienced rabbit owners.

Please be aware that we do not rehome single rabbits as solo pets. All our single rabbits are looking for neutered opposite sex rabbits who they can be bonded with