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Age: 6 months
Breed: small to medium sized domestic rabbit
Colour: tan
Sex: Male
Temperment: friendly can be wriggly when handled.
What you need to know about Rabbit Adoption

Pomegranate is a sweet lad who was signed over along with many other rabbits on welfare grounds.

Despite clearing being pretty much left to his own devises, Pomegranate is growing in confidence daily. He can be a bit wriggly when picked up and handled but is becoming more used to it and has improved vastly since his arrival. He is very nosy and inquisitive and quite a lively fellow.

He is eagerly searching for a neutered female companion to share his new life with, he has of course been castrated and vaccinated in readiness for his new life. Pomegranate is currently living as an outdoor rabbit, he will be fine to remain outside for the duration of the winter as long as extra precautions are taken to keep his dry and warm.