Parker(1) Overlay
Age: 5 years
Breed: Domestic short hair
Colour: White & black
Sex: Male
What you need to know about Cat Adoption

Parker is a handsome fellow who came into our care having been found as a stray. He had been wandering an area of Harrow for sometime and his condition had been slowly deteriorating as he got into more and more scuffles with other toms in the area.

We are pleased to say that all the scratches and scrapes were superficial and so now after a few weeks of good meals and the obvious neutering etc… Parker is fit and ready to being his new life with loving owners. Along the way he has contracted the FIV virus so Parker is looking for a home as an indoor cat, so he is going to need lots of toys and enrichment to keep his mind and body active. Parker is a super cat, extremely friendly and affectionate with everyone he meets and also one of the chattiest cats I know.

Parker would best suit a home as the only pet, with adult owners or those with teenage kids.

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