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Age: 6 months
Breed: Syrian Hamster
Colour: tan & white
Sex: Female
Temperment: friendly not keen on being picked up.
What you need to know about Small Animal Adoption

Noelle is one of many hamsters signed over to the branch on welfare grounds.

She is becoming more and more confident as she gets used to her foster family. Like all Syrian hamsters, she does sleep most of the day but if she hears you nearby she gets out of bed to investigate, and will come right up to say hello.

Having received little or no handling in her previous home she doesn’t really like being picked up and will squeeze or nip her way out of your hands, but she is now very happy to sit on your open hand to get her food.

Noelle is looking for someone who has some experience with hamsters and is willing to put a bit extra time and effort into befriending her, and someone who of course won’t mind the odd nip here and there.