mrs Santa

Mrs Santa (4) Overlay
Age: 10 Months
Breed: Syrian Hamster
Colour: tan & white
Sex: Female
Temperment: friendly but wary of being handled.
What you need to know about Small Animal Adoption

Mrs Santa is one of many hamsters signed over to an officer on welfare grounds a few weeks before Christmas. none of the hamsters had ever had much if any one to one attention.

Mrs Santa is very friendly and always comes out of her bed to say hi! when you go to talk to her, however she is not a fan of being handled and very quick to get away when your try. But hopefully with her favourite tasty tit bits she will be encouraged to trust us humans a bit more, she LOVES carrots and apple as a tasty treat.

Mrs Santa would best suit a home with owners who have some experience in handling hamsters and with those who are willing to devote a bit more time into befriending her.