Mrs Nibblesworth

mrs nibblesworth (2) Overlay
Age: Approx 3 years
Breed: Smooth haired
Colour: tricolour
Sex: Female
Temperment: sweet and friendly
What you need to know about Guinea Pigs

Mrs Nibblesworth is 1 of 3 girls who came to us via the RSPCA Harmesworth Hospital in Holloway after being rescued by an Inspector from a multi animal household with an exceptionally large number of rabbits and guinea pigs inside.  Due to the large number of animals in this household it is impossible to give an exact age but we assume she is a slightly more mature piggy.

We are hoping to find Mrs Nibblesworth a home where she will be able to live with other pigs, she is the shyest of the group and can get bullied out the way by the other 2.

Mrs Nibbleworth has a condition called impaction which means she will need help clearing her anal sack daily, this is quite common in older boars, less so in females but this is why we can only assume she is an older pig.

She is a friendly and easily handled though she can give you the run around when you first try to pick her up. Mrs Nibblesworth has always lived as an indoor piggy but there is no reason why she can’t enjoy the warmer weather and live outdoors at this time of year.

We do not spay female guinea pigs but she could live with female guinea pigs or a lonely castrated male.