Miss Bianca & Ellie mae

miss bianc and ellie mae Overlay
Age: 4 months
Breed: Hooded rats
Colour: white & beige
Sex: Females
Temperment: friendly
What you need to know about Small Animal Adoption

These little girls came to us via the Putney Hospital where they were taken after they were found abandoned in a box by some bins.

Despite everything they have been thorough they are sweet little girls who have obviously been used to regular handling. They are getting lots of attention in their foster home and though they were a little timid to begin with they are now much improved and getting more confident by the day.

These girls are looking for a nice large cage to live in, with lots of exciting things to explore and climb, we would also expect them to be able to come out of this and wander round on a daily basis. They are NOT neutered but could be introduced to other rats provided any males are castrated.