gumbo Overlay
Age: 10 Months
Breed: crested
Colour: Red
Sex: Male
Temperment: skittish
What you need to know about Guinea Pigs

Gumbo is 1 of 4 boys signed over to the RSPCA on welfare grounds after several sexing mistakes produced far too many to cope with.

Having come from a place with so many guinea pigs, these boys were understandably very skittish and not used to one to one attention but he has vastly improved since first arriving and now he is generally easy to pick up and handle, and happy to sit on laps for strokes. He will happily take tasty treats from you too.

Gumbo and his brothers have begun to bicker a bit since becoming sexually mature so we are now hoping to find female companions for them to all share their days with. Gumbo has been castrated so no need to worry about any unwanted litters.

Gumbo is currently living outdoors, he has always been an outdoor guinea pig, but since his confidence has grown we feel he would adapt to life as an indoor piggy.