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Age: 4 years
Breed: Domestic short hair
Colour: tabby & white
Sex: Female
Temperment: friendly
What you need to know about Cat Adoption

Gemelli is a sweet girl who has had a very difficult start in life. 2 years ago she was rescued along with 80 other cats from a large multi cat household we had helped. Since then she has been adopted but was sadly returned recently due to unforeseen circumstances. Now we hope it will be 3rd time lucky for Gemelli and this next home will be the one she stays in forever.

Gemelli is a lovely, sweet natured cat who can be wary around people she meets for the first time.  Around people she knows she is a real sweet heart, but she still needs to be the one who does the approaching. She can also be unsure of people standing over her, and will usually move away. However, if you are  sitting down, either on a chair or on the floor and reach out to her, she’ll approach purring like a steam-engine, head butting you for attention, its not long before she rolls over, starts licking and chewing fingers and generally loving all the fuss being made. She also loves being brushed and will roll over on her back to make sure you don’t miss a tiny bit.

Gemelli has put on a considerable amount of weight since she was originally adopted and so now we hope to find someone who will be willing to keep up her diet, which seems to be going well but a long way to go yet.  Gemelli also prefers 2 litter trays one for number 1′s and another number 2′s.

Despite living with so many other cats Gemelli has now decided that she much prefers life as an only pet where she can get your whole, undivided attention. She must have a garden to explore and enjoy, hopefully a few laps of the garden before bedtime will also help her trim up! Gemelli is best suited to a quiet household, ideally with adult owners. She will be more than happy to amuse herself whilst your out at work all day long, but happy to see you when you’re home again.