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Age: 5 years
Breed: Domestic short hair
Colour: tabby & white
Sex: Female
Temperment: friendly
What you need to know about Cat Adoption

Gemelli is a sweet girl who has had a very difficult start in life. Three years ago she was rescued along with 80 other cats from a large multi cat household we had helped. Since then she has been adopted but was sadly returned to us due to unforeseen circumstances. Now we hope it will be 3rd time lucky for Gemelli and this next home will be the one she stays in forever.

Gemelli is a lovely, sweet natured cat who can be quite shy around people she meets for the first time. Once she gets to know you she is a real sweet heart who adores lots of fuss and attention especially tummy tickles. She can be a bit of a spooky cat who can suddenly shy away with the odd sudden noise or movement. She is most happy when you’re sat down and she can come over for head and tummy rubs and a good going over with the brush with she thinks is just GREAT! She isn’t a very vocal cat but she has a purr that is strong and loud.

Gemelli had put on a considerable amount of weight since she was originally adopted so she is on a strict diet and is gradually getting back to her normal size.  We hope to find someone who will be willing to keep on with her diet.  When she is indoors Gemelli prefers 2 litter trays one for number 1′s and another number 2′s.

Gemelli would be fine living with other cats, ideally calm older cats who won’t hassle her too much, as she can be easily intimidated by over bearing youngsters.

Gemelli would best suit a quiet home with adult owners and she must have a garden to explore and mooch about in when the mood takes her, hopefully this will help her shed a few of those unwanted pounds too.