Firework Overlay
Age: 5 years
Breed: Domestic short hair
Colour: Ginger
Sex: Male
Temperment: very friendly
What you need to know about Cat Adoption

Firework came to us as a badly injured stray, he had been hit by a car 3 weeks prior to us being contacted and had been hobbling around with a broken pelvis for all that time. He has had a long period of recuperation and after an op to remove the femoral head of his femur (the bally bit at the top) we are pleased to say that apart fromĀ  a slight limp he is all fixed up and ready to begin the rest of his life in a loving family home.

firework is a very energetic and playful young man so a garden is going to be essential, and when he wears himself out he ‘ll come and sit on your lap for a bit of pampering, he also loves to go to bed with you at night time. Firework is a very friendly, affectionate fellow, but be ware he does sometimes scratch or give you a nip, more in playful mode than aggressive but for this reason he would not be a suitable pet for those with kids.

Firework is a great cat with lots of character, he loves lots of fuss and attention, he is ideally suited to adult owners and in a home as the only cat. He must have a garden to explore and call his own, ideally in a quiet area without too much traffic now he has used up one of his 9 lives!