cupcake & Sprinkles

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Age: 6 months
Breed: Crested; Abyssinian
Colour: light ginger ; tricolour
Sex: Female
Temperment: shy but sweet
What you need to know about Guinea Pigs

Cupcake, is a pale ginger, Crested Guinea pig approx. 4 mths old. Sprinkles is a tricolour Abyssinian Pig approx 6 mths old.

Cupcake and Sprinkles were discovered just left on the side of the road by a passer by and taken to our hospital in Putney.  They are sweet little pigs, a little shy and zippy but as young girls it won’t take them long to improve with confidence in a loving home.

These girls are looking for a home as indoor pigs and in a place where they can stay together. They would be fine being introduced to a lonely neutered bore or a female or 2 provided there is sufficient space for them all.