bambi & madison

bambi and madison (21) Overlay
Age: 2 years; 5 mths
Breed: mini lop
Colour: Brown; black
Sex: Female & Male
Temperment: friendly bit shy
What you need to know about Rabbit Adoption

Bambi and Madison came into our care along with lots of other rabbits when a breeder/ pet shop was closed down.  Bambi, mum, had been kept along with may other females as breeding machines churning out litters of kittens for the pet shop trade. Little Madison is the last of the litter that cam in with mum when they were rescued.

Due to her background Bambi has never really had a huge amount of one to one attention, and so she can be a bit shy, and can be a little wriggly when picked up and handled, though she will tolerate it for short periods to be health checked. Madison is a little braver than his mom and always comes rushing over to great you when you approach, he loves a head tickle and is fine being picked up. He is a nosy boy who loves to explore and investigate his surroundings, both rabbits are very inquisitive.

These rabbits are best suited to life as outdoor bunnies.They will need lots of space to explore and interesting things to investigate.