ashley Overlay
Age: 14 years
Breed: Domestic Long Hair
Colour: Torti and White
Sex: Female
Temperment: friendly on her terms
What you need to know about Cat Adoption

Ashley is a sweet old girl desperate to find a new forever home of her own, she was rescued from the back garden of an elderly lady who had been feeding her for some time, and she had been using a wheelie bin turned on its side as a bed/ shelter. When she arrived she was in a terrible state, she was badly matted which resulted in pretty much her whole body being shaved. She also had a claw growing into her pad which was very infected making walking painful and she had an eye infection.

When Ashley first arrived she was unused to a lot of one to one attention, so we would often get hissed at when we approached her. She has no teeth left so being bitten was never really an issue. She was very nervous and didn’t enjoy any of the treatment given for her eyes or sore paw, but she put up with it and now all that is fine, though she may always have a slightly weepy eye to some extent.

Ashley has been at her foster home for  just over 2 months and whilst she still largely keeps herself to herself, she has started to explore the house and garden a bit more, rarely venturing much further than the patio. She will let her foster mom stroke her, but this is generally on her terms and will certainly let her know when she’s not in the mood (normally with a hiss and swipe of her paw). But this is a large improvement from the early days when she would constantly flinch and hiss whenever anyone went near her. We are sure as time goes by she will settle even more. She seems to want to come for a fuss but tends to just sit close by.

She’s not too good going up and downstairs, though she does, she is just a bit stiff on her pins. She is now on medication for her arthritis which she has daily on her food, though it will never remedy the problem it has made her much more comfortable and she is able to get about more easily. One of her favorite spots is actually on the stairs where she has chosen to spend a lot of time sleeping.

Ashley is looking for an extra special someone willing to take her into their hearts and offer her a loving retirement home, where she can be pampered and spoiled. Yes she is still a bit rough around the edges, not keen on lots of fuss or being brushed, but compared to the cat that first arrived she has transformed and it would be great to see her as a pampered puss possibly for the first time in her life!

She really is just a sweetheart who needs time, lots of patience and love and of course, plenty of fresh chicken!! (her absolute favorite)

Ashley isn’t keen on other cats so must be the only pet in the household, and she must have a garden to potter about in if the mood takes her.