Since the end of December 2013 the Branch has been helping reduce the numbers of cats in an over populated household gradually week by week. This unfortunately changed very quickly at the end of March 2014 when the last remaining owner of the cats very suddenly and unexpectedly died, thus making the remaining cats rescue even more urgent. canneloni-rigatoni-150x150 orzo-1-150x150

Over the last 3 month in total we have rescued 73 cats from this single household. All of the cats have now been neutered, fully health check, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for any minor medical problems they may of had, all are now ready to start finding loving new homes.

Despite there being so many cats in one household many of them have proved to be absolutely gorgeous with great personalities.

Yes some are obviously a little more nervous than others and will need some time to settle into new homes, but most are very friendly and affectionate if given some one to one attention. All the cats we have so far placed in foster homes and indeed permanent homes have really flourished and their true personalities are finally starting to shine through.


It is amazing to see a cat that has not had the chance really to play or demand attention really become part of a loving family and blossom into bold, confident cats, and the beauty of taking a cat from this sort of envir
onment is that they just love other cats. So if you have a single cat and he/she needs a friend then please consider offering a home to one of the many lovely cats we have waiting for a new life.

Cats to look for on our adoption pages include Cannelloni & Rigatoni, Orzo, Fettucelle, Pastina and Croxcetti- If they are named after a type of Pasta they will be from this household.